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What is Natural Stone?

Where does stone come from and why has natural stone become the building blocks of our civilization? A quick geology lesson will help explain the origins of the 4 major classifications of natural stone.

  • SEDIMENTARY ROCKS are made when pieces of rocks settle from the water or when minerals are deposited by plants, animals, and other chemical processes. (e.g. limestone, sandstone, shale)
  • METAMORPHIC ROCKS are old rocks that have been squeezed and heated but not melted. What new rock is made depends on what the original rock was and on the amount of heat and pressure. (e.g. gneiss, slate, quartzite, marble)
  • IGNEOUS INTRUSIVE ROCKS are made when molten rock cools while still underground. (e.g. basalt, granite, gabbro)
  • IGNEOUS EXTRUSIVE ROCKS are made when molten rock flows on the land surface or is thrown into the air and then is cooled into rock. (e.g. basalt, scoria, tuff)

Stone has been incorporated into architecture since the dawn of mankind. Natural stone has endured the tests of time by validating its strength, beauty and durability throughout the ages.

Examples of stone architecture can be seen throughout the globe. Modern architecture continues to use stone to ensure the development of structures that will exceed a 100 year life expectancy.


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